Event Planner? Sure G’wan

I recently dipped my stubby toe into the chilly waters of event planning. After my boss returned from San Francisco all hopped up on wheatgrass shakes, sunshine and general positivity, she let it be known that I was to organise an event that showcased a new mocku-mentary/film about our brand that would be the dog’s bollix (her words, not mine.) Having never planned an event larger than a birthday piss up, I was understandably a bit shook.

Logistically, it was a fucking nightmare. I needed to bring every person that worked for my company to the event but also keep in mind that we needed some people to actually work that day. I needed buses, a general idea of Irish geography, a venue, entertainment, catering, props, branded material, feather boas, a photographer, a pink carpet and showgirls.

The end result was my trawling the internet for hours like a dude with an insatiable porn-lust.  The google-man monitoring my google searches (because they do that y’know,) must have had a right old chuckle at my entries: “Where is Newbridge?” “How to not plan shit parties.”

But bizarrely, strangely, magically it all started to come together. With the venues of café-en-seine in Dublin and Crane Lane in Cork all sorted, everything else seemed to fall into place. Apart from a computer-illiterate, cranky red-carpet man I got everything arranged! Invites were sent out, dresses and horrible “huggy,sucky-inny” underwear was purchased and the day finally came.

Of course there was one massive hiccup. The film (the whole reason we were bringing everyone together,) didn’t play. At 1pm on Tuesday, when the event started at 2pm, we had no film. I had about 7 people on their phones ringing anyone they could think of “Hey Mark, listen remember me from junior infants? I heard you programme alarm clocks..any chance you could help…” but blissfully, the lovely man in café-en-seine fixed it.

This isn’t actually the event I planned.

Now, despite my irrational fear of having to talk to other human beings, it went perfectly.

Now we’ve got one more event to go, roll on Cork. Then after that I suppose I’ll start pan-handling or shoplifting just to feel the rush again.  

Event Planner? Sure G’wan

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